The Reason You’re Having Problems in Life? Because You Don’t Have Boyfriend

I’m not even kidding. Hungarians in general have a great and easy solution for every trouble in life: lose weight and find a man. I’m not even kidding. In the country which claims to uphold conservative Christian values, and where kissing couples are more of a common sight than cockroaches in New York City, these two not only go hand in hand, they are essential to life.

A man to a woman means everything. He takes care of her material needs and cements her status in society. A woman is never judged on her merits as much as she will be judged (and accepted or discarded) by the man at her side. The fact that a woman might not have a man by her side is so inconceivable as to be deemed impossible. You’d think it started in high school, and you’d be forgiven for thinking thusly, judging by the many teen couples all over each other. But it already starts in the cradle when parents ask their baby girls “whose sweetheart are you,” the same way Anglo parents might sing their children to sleep.

Interestingly, divorce rates are high, standing at practically 50%. Affairs are also as natural as breathing. France gets a lot of flack for being the land of affairs and mistresses / lovers, but Hungary has France beat by a mile. Hearing of “my boyfriend who was married and cheating on me with another girl” is not uncommon. Neither are middle-aged men with young things, who could practically be their daughters, stashed away in an apartment in another part of the city.

And still, the woes in your private life can somehow magically be alleviated when you bring a man into your life.



    • 🙄 and that’s how people end up in horrible relationships, because having a man is everything. Obviously not the only reason for abuse. That’s one good thing about Finland, people pretty much leave you be. They might think it, or they couldn’t care less, but pretty much no one is all up in your face, about partners, children, etc.

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      • That and traditions, though one does feed the other. And I agree, but too many people can’t move on for various reasons. It’s kind of similar everywhere, but in my experience while people were hooking up like crazy in Britain (and also in Finland), those who didn’t want to, or didn’t have a partner, were left alone. And if their lives weren’t going where they should be, the focus was always on the personal life in general, stress, worries, etc. Or else I’ve been incredibly lucky.


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