Secret Santa – a blog-sharing idea from a fellow blogger

My fellow blogger Snow came up with this idea, and I wanted to share it this with you guys. The instructions are here, but in a nutshell, how it works is like this: pick an old post and bring it back to life by posting it again. It can be anything, a post that got little attention, a post you want to bring up again, a post you really liked, the possibilities are endless. Readers then post their favorite posts in the comment section of your post. Like and comment on as many as you like. Great way to share the love, and as Snow put it, discover new and exciting blogs.

My post of choice is th, mainly because with this blog featured (an extension of my main blog), I wanted to highlight cross-cultural issues we come across. For many of us it’s a certain place within a city that will mean home, more than the apartment or house that we live in. But those places, too, change. And when they do, we move on.

So, let’s get to know each other and share, boys and girls. And, in honor of Russian Orthodox Christmas practices, this runs until Russian Orthodox Christmas in January and / or January 6 (to honor my French side), whichever comes first.

Snow’s original post, in case my phone is being an ass (in the British sense) and refuses to hyperlink. 😎


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