I Think My Crush’s Ex’s Friend Is Reading My Blog

https://youtu.be/JsntlJZ9h1UIn fact, I’m pretty sure she is. Which is kind of funny. My Crush’s ex doesn’t even know I exist, she’s never seen us together, but she pinged on my radar purely by coincidence, because someone we both know tagged her on a post once. My mom likes her, she thinks she looks the way a real woman should, and she’s pretty to boost. My confidante at the time thinks there’s a damn good “reason she’s an ex,” and that’s based on something she likes. I think my crush’s ex is very pretty, too, and I can see why he chose her over me. I think they might actually be together again, based on another post that showed up on my social media feed.

This puts me in an awkward position, of course. My fellow blogger seems very nice, even if we might not have that much in common. She doesn’t know that I know her best friend’s ex, though I think I mentioned that there was a guy. We don’t have each other on social media, which may or may not be too bad. We’ve exchanged pleasantries a few times, but I can’t help and wonder how she’d react if she found out. Past experience in these matters (my own and others’) hasn’t been overly kind in that matter.

The more I think about it, the more I want to find out. Part of me thinks it would be fun, the other part (the rational one) is saying to let sleeping dogs lie. I won’t ever get together with my crush, because the stars, the Universe, the gods, and whatever other powers and energies guide these things have made a rock solid pact to keep us apart. And I don’t want to make friends / talk with the ex to find out what he’s like in every relationship aspect you can think of either. Because I hate that kind of gossip, and everyone’s different with another person, so what would have worked for them wouldn’t work for me, and vice versa. But I would like to know if someone society states I should hate (or at the very least be weary of), and who by all rights should hate (and be weary of) me, is reading my innermost thoughts. The solution is obvious, don’t write from your heart. But do I really need to censor myself because my crush’s (best) friend is reading my blog? Boys, girls, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

ETA: Just as I was idly scrolling through my feed, I found this. https://vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com/2018/12/11/fiction-seduced-on-chat/

Vishal is my blog friend, and has nothing to do with this, in fact I’m sure he will confirm that this is the first time he’s hearing of it. I just thought it was really funny. Ah Universe, though dost indeed work in mysterious ways.


  1. I feel like we’re having a chat at a coffee shop in Helsinki 😀 Fun post! Aha, what to say to your dilemma. As someone who blogs anonymously myself, I feel there might be a certain advantage to being anonymous in some cases. You get to choose do you spill the beans. Certainly they can’t guess it’s you, even if you talk about your most private thoughts… but does it bother you? Does it make you feel like you’re playing a game with them? 🙂 Now I have to hop over and read that blog of your friend Vishal! 😉

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    • I know! Just like sitting in a cafe in Helsinki. I think honestly, right now it’s still funny, until it turns out to be real, and I start losing friends. In a way it’s a fun game, but I’ve never been good at those. I don’t know the women in this story, only from pictures on social media. And these things tend to be more funny when you know the person. It would be funny though.

      My anonymity is pretty much out the window, since I got outed pretty quickly. Nothing dramatic, I was just asked to write something, and that involved my real name. Plus, with the other blog, I’m trying to develop it into my official artist page, so I can’t really be anonymous there. The chances of my crush reading this blog are very low. I suspect, however, that my archenemy is bi, and that he is one person who would totally understand my feelings for my crush, as he shares them, too. Thus adding yet another person to the mix. And this last part would be funny. And my archenemy is very interested in art, so there’s a chance he’d stumble across these blogs. But that would be really funny.

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    • Yeah. I’m pretty sure one day we’ll cross paths. And wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up as close friends (although not that funny). I had someone I really didn’t like follow me on Instagram, and they didn’t know it was me. Of course when you want certain people to read it, they don’t. Then again, I can appreciate well-crafted irony.

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