The T-rump supporter acquaintance

Sometimes we hold on to friendships because there’s no one else around. Or you’re stuck and people keep you there, creating a comfort zone for yourself. My Rump supporter acquaintance was such a case. I suspected racism from the start, but he spoke to everyone. His close friends were all local though, all white, even the one from the Balkan state. Here was the first tip off, I didn’t click with his friends. Oh they all liked me, they thought I was “cool as f***,” to hear him tell it, and I had no reason not to believe him. Besides, when we were out and about, you could tell they were happy I was around.

My acquaintance was a nice person, not evil or calculating. But still there was the same feeling when we hung around that I had living in Germany, please don’t let this be all there is to life. We didn’t connect, only on the surface. But we had nationality in common, and even though in the beginning I’d avoided him, he grew on me.

Politically, too, we were at opposite ends, but that didn’t matter. Back then, and I mean before this catastrophic “election,” before November 2016, if the other party won, you could still shrug it off and go on with life. My acquaintance didn’t think that women should stay at home, but he was fine with the conservative values floating around. We were in different countries when the “election” happened, even during the run up, so we didn’t talk much about it. But I found out later that he did support T-rump, that he was willing to at least “give him a chance,” and while I’m all for that, for seeing what a new leader is about, when you see warning signs you don’t wait around to see what might develop. When you have good reason to suspect someone of not paying you, you don’t try and work with them if there are other options. If you hear of a teacher who’s strict, you might sign up your child for their program regardless. But you don’t sign your child up, or even let them near that teacher if you hear that they may have molested someone.

I was on the fence as to whether that acquaintanceship was worth pursuing or not. My plan was to let it peter out slowly, let him and his family get busy and let things ring their natural course. But then I asked someone who knew him well if he’d voted for T-rump, and that person said that while they couldn’t be sure about that, he had said to give him a chance in the beginning. That cinched it for me. I don’t mind if you’re more conservative than I am, but when hatred enters the picture, I walk away. For the record, I feel exactly the same way about the far left.


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