Did Hungary manufacture a rape case to detract from the Sargentini Report?

Hungary is looking for a fugitive. Or rather the Budapest police force is. An Afghan national who raped an eighteen-year-old girl last week. A picture has been circulated on social media for that purpose alongside information, released a but later, that he has now already left the country.

Several online media pages leaning more to the left than the right decided to look into the matter, and found some interesting things. The crime happened in the restroom of a fast food place down town. Most fast food places in the downtown area are run by men of Middle Eastern descent. They vary in quality of taste. I’m not saying they’re all super nice, but the ones run by Hungarians serve Greek food that makes you question everything you’ve ever learned about humanity. Pickled cabbage, pickled onions, and pickled paprika really don’t belong in a gyros, which – and this is just an aside – is served not in a bun but in a pita roll (or a baguette if you’re serving it up in France, in which case french fries are not just permissible but a must. Which may or may not explain the following story. If you’re taking such liberties with Greek and Turkish food, who knows what else you’re capable of.

According to the online portal there was no restroom in this particular restaurant. Staff shared a restroom bar next door, which was officially closed by the time the crime was supposed to have happened. There is no evidence of the man having been there, and the portal even raised the issue of how weird it was that a city center street would have no cameras of any kind. The rape, the portal alleged, never happened. Instead, it was manufactured by government spin doctors. Which, I’m sad to say, is entirely plausible, and most likely did happen. I’m pretty sure government officials are dreading the outcome of the Sargentini Report, and calling Judith Sargentini an “unkempt woman, who could benefit from running a comb through her hair before she opens her mouth” only goes so far. Incidentally, these were the nicer comments. But very much in keeping with the expectation that a woman must look good if she hopes to be given permission to speak.

Rape is already horrible enough. It’s always about power. Children know that. What’s more, the government knows that. The minute the migration crisis hit Hungary, that was the first narrative: they will rape our women and girls. That Hungarian men for the most part expect sex when and how they want it, is beside the point. That, after all, is a woman’s duty. A line of thinking voiced by a politician, who knew exactly how to prevent rape: if women only tended to their domestic duties of child bearing and opening her legs for her husband whenever he so desires, instead of aspiring to a career, things would be much better. And there would be no rape. Aside from a much-needed lesson in human decency, someone should also school him on the fact that just because you don’t report it (because you don’t dare to) doesn’t make it go away.

Are we really surprised though that this should be a new low? Inventing a rape to rile up the masses just so you can prove that Orbán is indeed the Savior and Protector of Europe. And even if it turns out that the story was real (not because migrants don’t rape – because rape will happen regardless of ethnicity), what does it say of the government and its people, our (dis)trust in both, that we accept this as just another fact.


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