Look! Ninjas!

Imagine, if you will, the following situation. This truly happened, despite it being told the way that it’s told.

Our event of the day finds us in the fast food restaurant of a mall. Admittedly in the poorer, less desirable section of town, but still very modern, very clean, very up to date. The scene is as follows. An extended family sitting at a table, one teenager and a toddler, one set of parents, and a mother. And a guest. The toddler speaks English with the guest, because the toddler’s father is American. At this point it’s not known whether or not the father voted for Trump, but he was known to have said in the beginning, before the election, “let’s give the guy a chance. He has some very good ideas.” The mother only likes foreigners, but won’t show her distaste openly.

At the other table there’s a Somali family with a baby sitting in a high chair. The two children being close in age, they naturally take an interest in each other. The toddler wants the baby to climb out of the high chair, and keeps touching her, shaking her hand, playing with her. The baby is amused by all this. The toddler splits her attention between the baby in the high chair (no doubt an interesting discover, as normally the toddler is the youngest) and the guest. Over in the distance three Somali women walk past, covered from head to toe.

“Look,” the toddler screams pointing. “Ninjas!”

The father laughs, while the mother tells him that she a) doesn’t think it was funny, and b) doesn’t like that kind of stuff.

The guest turns to the toddler saying, “they’re not ninjas. You don’t see ninjas. That’s the whole point of being a ninja.”



    • The Roma in Finland are far more visible than in Hungary. Or, in most European countries I’ve lived. Princess sounds so much better than Ninja though. Parents should really explain to their kids that people dress dress differently. And that it’s perfectly ok. I might even do a post about it.

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