Q & A

The inimitable Snow has given me a great idea when she commented on this post. So, in order to get to know each other better, ask me any question you want in the comment section. And if you see a question you like, feel free to answer as well. 😀

Let’s play.



    • Hey! Thanks for playing! Would you believe that my childhood dream was to at least visit Finland? I blame Steiner School entirely for this. They’d read us stories from Kalevala, but they never mentioned it by name. And aside from the Three Little Pigs, all the stories took place in “the forest up north.” Which was where Santa lived (ok, that was courtesy of the older kids 🤣), in a land called Finland.

      I don’t know how familiar you are with the Waldorf / Steiner method, but the idea is to convey things via a story. And our teachers were excellent story tellers.

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      • How weird that they never mentioned that the book was Kalevala – how did you find out, was that too from the older kids? And yes that’s a weird dream, hahah 😀 Well, my dream once we’d moved to Finland was to go back to Australia, which I did, though I still haven’t managed to do that permanently (too late for a visa). Anyway, sort of the same dream as yours, but also sort of the opposite as I wanted to leave Finland, hahah 😀
        As far as getting to know you better, I don’t even know if you are female or male and how old. But those questions are so boring.
        Did you learn to appreciate storytelling (blogging, writing…) from your Steiner teachers, I wonder? 🙂

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      • Grr. Wrote a whole reply and then lost it. So, in brief this time. Think it was the older kids. Teachers were probably saving the Big Reveal for the upper grade. In the lower grades you were just meant to get a feel for the language, your own and two foreign ones. I left after third grade, because we moved. But those teachers were definitely responsible for my love of storytelling. And my parents, they’d read to me every night until I learned.

        Totally get what you mean about Australia. Really hope you get to go back one day.

        I’m female, will pm you my age. Have to keep up the appearance of youth here. 🤣😎😉

        And, there are no boring questions. 😁

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    • Thank you. Passion for life would be people. It was never a conscious thing, but I was always drawn to those between cultures, so helping those. And different religions. I’m pigheadedly stubborn, so unless I really think that it’s worth it I won’t do it. My life would have been a lot easier I’m sure if I’d learned to compromise. But as for doing things I should have known better, too many to count.

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    • Thanks for the question! 🙂 Historically, that would be Judas Iscariot. Because part of me (sometimes) likes to believe that he did it to allow for the prophecy to come true, out of love. And to have that kind of faith in the person you love, it speaks volumes. Of course, then the other voice kicks in, the one that says he really did act out of spite.

      In general, a very close relative, who wouldn’t want me to disclose his identity. Because despite everything this person went through, they are still optimistic and able to see the good in people.

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