The Unmitigated Absolute Support of Walking Eagle’s Followers for (their) Dear Leader

It’s no secret, Walking Eagle – yes, he of the oddly colored skin and perma-flab who’s the (albeit self-proclaimed) smartest guy in the room in any situation bar none – has done one thing properly in his life. The support he has garnered is honest-to-God-10,000%-ultra-faithful-to-the-death-be-it-mine-or-yours-but-preferably-yours. Not that it’s actually a comforting thought, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Because that kind of devotion and loyalty is the stuff dreams for those in power are made of. Minus the violence and aggression of course. Though – again sadly – not in all cases.

Scroll through any post / article / post on Walking Eagle, and you will – sooner rather than later unfortunately – come across his supporters, singing his praises while addressing him by his name and title. The name and title – the latter especially – are Very Important and always have been. Even before he was elected to a position he may or may not have wanted, the title was used, very deliberately, and that use was pretty effective. I honestly don’t know what it is about the use of the title that raised our hackles (for I’m sure I’m not alone in this). There was something so willfully deliberate about it, perhaps because they would only speak of his predecessor in the foulest, vilest terms, using the foulest, vilest nicknames in a willful ploy to not only showcase their disdain very openly, but to communicate to everyone and their partner that this was absolutely how it was, the new world order had begun (albeit not with those at the helm we would have put our money on), and – like it or not – you had better get used to it.

It’s the story and trajectory studies are made of. Studies of dictatorships long gone. So long gone in fact that there are barely any survivors, which again means that those very facts can now be questioned and – more and more these days – denied. And even so, having lived through the whole thing merely a few months ago, still living through it now, we are no more the wiser than we were before. Suddenly it was there, this undeniable fact – joy to a few, terror to most – and we all wondered how this could have happened, unaware that we’d been steadily ignoring all the signs. Because they are (part of) history, and we as humans really never learn. Meanwhile the supporters rejoice, even as the proverbial carpet is being pulled away from right underneath their very own feet, and continue using their savior’s name and title, rubbing the rest of us the wrong way. Deliberately, of course. Which actually makes me wonder. Seeing as how to them the only race is and can be the right race, and how they all so staunchly claim to uphold all the tenets of their evangelical bible (which includes the 10 Commandments, of which there is the one about thou shalt not lie), wouldn’t it be more honest to bypass all pretense and just use the honest-to-goodness greeting that’s really on the tip of the supporters’ tongue? The one that starts with the same letter as that exalted leader of all things Aryan (although strictly in a 1,000-Year-Reich kind of context), and was corrupted from a Roman desire of well-being for the other into a four-letter-word. It would at the very least be more honest.


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