Dressing the Part of a Fortune Teller – dress as I see you, not as you are

It takes all kinds of people to make a world (or if you take the equivalent in Hungarian, God’s animal garden really is pretty vast). And cliched as the saying is, we can apply it to any and all environments. The spiritual / healing / fortune telling world is no different. Like with religions, you will find enough variety, a real smörgåsbord if you will. And yet, there is a distinct pattern. Although, before I go on, I should put a disclaimer and state that my esoteric-minded friends in real life and in the blogging world are not like that.

But, like I said earlier, there is a pattern. A pattern which distinctly and clearly says that this is how you should dress, how you should act, the kind of jewelry you should wear. As though the only look acceptable for reading fortunes and dealing with the metaphysical/ esoteric were the one where you try to emulate the cliche of a Roma or Sinti fortune teller. Madame Soleil, if you speak French and remember the ads of various newspapers and magazines, not to mention some billboards. It was better than seeing the militant über-feminist politician with my middle name, but it made me think already then.

I said that my esoteric friends don’t dress like this, but I know plenty of people who do. The wide, flowing dresses and dreads (what is it with the esoteric crowd and dreads? Then again, I might be heavily biased because one pasty-faced guy in Helsinki a friend of a friend, but since this is Helsinki, a friend of several friends – always instinctively makes me roll my eyes when I see his flaxen dreads), which are meant to convey . . . what are they meant to convey? Proximity to Earth? A special understanding? A sign to everyone else of, look at me! Look at where my very special talents are?

The whole thing is just way too deliberate. As though they are placing the exterior value before anything else. I’ve noticed this in the expat community as well, give people enough time, and they’ll start acting like the cliché others have of their respective home country. It’s a normal reaction to finding – or rather negotiating – your identity, standing out while at the same time blending in.

In a sense it is great. People would kill witches and their like, so it’s nice to see people can now dress however they like. Personally, I think those meticulously kept hipster beards are a bit too extreme, but who am I to deny them their kicks? I still prefer to dress like a New Romantic from the early-mid-eighties whenever I can, so – again – who am I to start casting stones?

It’s just that the way these people dress and act shifts attention away from their interior, the stuff they’re really supposed to be dealing with. As though they care more about outward perception than truly helping anyone understand the innermost turmoil of the human soul. As though they were really so insecure as to have to rely on outward validation. The ones I know who dress and act like that all have a weakness of sorts, they can give you the information you seek, for instance, but cannot (fully) tell you the precise connection. And so they dress and act as though their outwards appearance is supposed to distract you from that. Because, as we all know, first impressions are everlasting. So it’s important to maintain a thorough image of what you are trying to represent. So others always remember and never forget.



  1. yeah, it is same bullying almost everywhere, I too have been dished out these lectures- “wear this!” and orders too, “you will wear this” it is idiotic, so I no longer bother about what impression I make on a bunch of imbeciles 🙂

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