Cousin Fester Strikes Again – this time disguised as Irma

It started yesterday, and innocently enough. So innocently in fact, it literally crept up on me. Cousin Fester showed up in the form of a photo, several photos, on someone’s newsfeed, and the world pretty much ended. Albeit a few days late.

Even though he constantly denies his heritage, Cousin Fester seems to embody all the negative aspects of his Hungarian ethnicity and hurl them back at you tenfold. Hungarians are negative by nature, and with Cousin Fester this seems to take on a special kind of darkness, in that he will appear in your life to herald bad luck. This is a well-documented phenomenon, in fact it’s also been well-documented on this blog.

The reason I’m writing this? That’s a very good question. To blow off some steam, but also to warn the world. Or – to put it somewhat less dramatically – to send feelers out and see if others have a Cousin Fester as well. And if you do, how did you deal? Obviously, a carefully crafted policy of ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT has been set firmly in place, but he does tend to crop up. Cousin Fester is like the hurricane everyone dreads, causing utmost destruction.



    • To be fair, they are pretty random. I should do a regular series. From a metaphysical viewpoint I guess he’s a soulmate, since they’re supposed to push us in sometimes very unkind ways. And I know I should turn the other cheek, but that’s pretty hard. Really curious as to your opinion though. Once you’ve read the posts. Lots of soul stuff there, which may or may not be evident via the writing.

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