Deep In The Mexican Jungle A Butterfly Flapped Its Wings: Cousin Fester strikes again – cause and (unwanted) effect of what may or may not be a (somewhat) distant relative

To those of you who’ve been following, it’s no secret that Cousin Fester is what one might term “the bane of my life,” and no doubt I am the bane of his. Following the old adage of letting sleeping dogs lie, I’ve been doing just that. Except that Cousin Fester – like the flu virus – has a way of creeping up on you.

Today I mentioned something at work. It was a reference to Finland, and I suggested an appropriate video to look up on YouTube. Now we’re all familiar with YouTube suggesting videos you might like (to check out), and we’re all familiar with this working on the basis of algorithms, even if we’re not exactly sure what algorithms are meant to be exactly. But even the IT-challenged among us will know that the suggested videos are based on things you watch regularly, or have watched.

The computer we used was not mine, nor had I ever used it before. And the rightful owner certainly never watched anything similar to the videos Cousin Fester produced. But sure enough, there it was in the right hand corner, the next one up, Cousin Fester’s video. Or one of them. Cousin Fester has done quite a few videos in his life, some educational, others serving slightly more personal purposes. But, as with pretty much everything today, they’re all readily available, more or less. I know the video in question, in fact it was what brought Cousin Fester back into my life, after a few years (two) of absence.

“This,” I tell the person I’m watching with, “is not a good sign. The mere presence of Cousin Fester always heralds bad peopke in my life, energy vampires, evil people, users.”

The person I’m watching with tries to reassure me by telling me that surely it can’t be that bad, then concedes that maybe, just maybe, Cousin Fester really is a butterfly flapping its wings deep in the Mexican jungle. I have by this time cited the people (and – if you believe in this sort of thing – evil forces) who have entered my life right after Cousin Fester showed up. To cut a long story short, it involved a Hungarian and two self-professed healers whose interests lay in feeding off other people’s energies, which they brought about, not to mention the obsidian blade that disappeared almost as miraculously as it had appeared after about five years, and then only because someone who had my back in the psychic realm appeared, lifted me up by the scruff of my neck, and brought me back to safety.

As we say our goodbyes, I start wondering what could possibly happen here in Hungary, where I’m far away from the stuff, though if you remember, Cousin Fester is half Hungarian himself. I actually don’t have to wait long for the Cousin Fester Effect to strike.

On a whim I decide to pop into the supermarket on my way. There are plenty to choose from, but I opt for that one. Halfway between the real world and my dreams I see someone wandering the aisles in front of me. His face looks slightly familiar, but I can’t quite place him yet, except to realize he has a really bad vibe emanating from him. I keep coming across this man a few more times, and then it hits me, the Hungarian I met along with the energy vampires. I know he sometimes comes back, but what are the chances of seeing him on this particular day, at this particular time?!

Guess I shouldn’t have blocked him from social media, this way I would have been forewarned. My only salvation is that we haven’t spoken in ages, and when we did I’d been of the mindset that I’d never return to Hungary.

It should be noted that in preparing this post, while working on the pictures of Cousin Fester, my phone, which was fully charged, suddenly lost all power, and crashed.


  1. We have just decided that a) we brought this about by raising Cousin Fester from the proverbial grave (though we didn’t mention him until we saw the video), and b) we will talk about positive things from now on. We’ll see how this pans out.


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