Our Dumber Brethren

Americans can't find North Korea on the map, and people are having a field day with this fact. Granted, the country has been in the news recently, but so has Charlottesville, and one wonders how many non-Americans are able to find that town on a map, much less assign it to its proper state. And if I write the state as VA, most non-Americans will pause and scratch their heads. Doesn't make them dumb, merely means that their schools never saw fit to teach them abbreviations of U.S. states, never mind the states and their respective capitals.

Fact is, unless it's right in front of us, we won't really care. Europeans have a basic idea of there being a certain amount of states, but most likely couldn't name them all, never mind their capitals. Ask them about places in Asia, Russia, or Australia, and watch them be completely stumped.

In fact, you don't even have to go that far. Before I lived in Budapest, I'd regularly have to double check my ticket when I booked it at a travel agency, because it would always get issued to Bucharest. And this was a travel agency that catered to international students on a regular basis.

It's cool to bash a nation for being stupid. And I have nothing against taking the mickey for fun. But let's not call others stupid and make fun of them unless we ourselves can name every single island, city, and obscure place in the world.


    • Now I’m really tempted. Can’t be worse than some of the stuff produced in these parts of the world. 😀

      However, when I look at some of the kids and teens I engage with my faith in the next generation is restored. It’s the one in between I have my doubts about. Well, in some cases.

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      • You should! These days I am having overdose of them when I am looking for biographies of famous Indians and then reading the lies and false information scattered all over internet like nightmare! honestly! when I look for authenticity I have to go out of India! 😦


    • I will feel a little guilty to point out their stupidity to you, it is mean I think, but I can give you an example without citing a name, ok?

      I was looking for a biography of Chanakya early this month, I stumbled upon a blog written by an Indian, it started awesome, praising few things of Chanakya and criticizing some then he started talking about “chanakya’s anger on Greek army” “how they plundered, looted and did despicable things everywhere”

      Now when Chanakya was around, only Alexander paid a very brief visit to India, and he did not even crossed the Indus river,

      Honestly, I have read many historical records but have never encountered any words about “despicable acts of Greek army” actually historians say quite the opposite!

      Almost Every time present generation writes anything about historical characters they paint it with nationalist views or religion and distort the truth.

      I have studied history in my graduation so I usually catch the bluffs instantly and anyways I instantly open my graduation history books to double-check 🙂

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      • Well, who better to give me an idea? 😉

        Over here all the Nazis major(ed) in History. Then they twist it to fit their narrative. I’m not saying all History majors are Nazis, but it attracts them. I love History, mainly – for now – 1920s and ’30s in Berlin, ’50s and ’60s in America, and the Antebellum period. Plus Babylon, Olmec culture, Roma culture, etc.

        Some of the stuff people say here has me tearing out my hair. I’ve mentioned it before, but still true. Hungarians didn’t come from Asia Minor, or Mongolia, or Kazakhstan. They went there, to bring culture to these areas, then skipped and jumped their way back. But then, the Jews weren’t placed in concentration camps either. They asked to be taken there. For a holiday. 🙄There’s a propaganda film, the title of which translates as, “The Führer Gifts the Jews a Town” about one of the camps. Portrayed as a happy little town.


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