The Finnish Band T-Shirt Sighting Game Continued – tonight: Children of Bodom 

This has about as much to do with the band or the lake itself as any random picture you could assign, which makes it perfect as an illustration. It is to this story as my feelings are towards metal. 🙂

In case you were wondering, I haven’t forgotten about the game I started in April, I just didn’t come across any Finnish band T-shirts. Until today. Middle-aged guy who may or may not have gotten the shirt as a hand-me-down got on the tram, and to be honest I thought I was dreaming. Apparently my friends’ attempts at providing me with a first-rate metal education didn’t go completely amiss. I still lump it all together as Hell Metal, and while I’ve never been drawn to the guitar per se (keyboards are more my thing), I do recognize a talented guitarist when I see one. 

And to be perfectly honest, that’s pretty much it. I’ve never seen them live, which is somewhat surprising as part of my Finnish musical education I was dragged to quite a few metal shows. The process always followed the same pattern. 

Acquaintance / Friend: You coming to the show? 

Helsinki-Budapest: Show? Who’s playing? 

A / F (mumbles semi unintelligible name of band).

HkiBp: Is it metal-metal? 

A / F: Pretty much. Goat sacrifice and everything. Well, that’s now been banned. But you’re coming along. You’ll see. 

Every time. And my thanks to them? My favorite Finnish band is still Honey B & The T-Bones, which is about as far removed from metal as emotions are from a robot. I do appreciate their efforts though. 

And in the case of Children of Bodom, I should like them for their morbid sense of humor / commemorating arguably Finland’s most gruesome event in (fairly) recent history. The murder of four teenagers in a camping trip. Two acquaintances took me there once, because it was summer, they wanted to show me Espoo, and the lake just happened to be on the way. Strangely for me, I felt nothing when we were there, as opposed to reading the story. Weird how that happens sometimes. 



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