The N-word on National Media

Picture dates from the Red Bull Air Race in July, another international event for Hungary to be proud of.

FINA is in town, and Hungarians are taking this event very seriously. Cops, rifles, even tanks. You name it, it’s there. Which makes sense in a lot of ways, and may or may not add to the ambience of general security Hungary is trying to project. It’s true that there have not been any terrorist threats* or even murders to date (aside from the run-of-the-mill family murder, but that was out of town and by a white dude, so doesn’t really factor in. You know how these things go). 

In any case, so far things have been going without a hitch, Hungary performed well as a country at the opening, beat a few teams here and there, and everyone’s happy. They even managed to find a last minute performer after their first choice – Emeli Sandé – had to cancel. And here the troubles begin. Admittedly the opening ceremony happened nearly a week ago, but the scandal broke today. 

The person they got was CeeLo Green, he of Gnarls Barkley fame, at least as far as I’m concerned. I know he’s done a lot more, but that’s the only thing that rang a bell. Crazy is and has always been one of my favorite songs. Other than that, I’m not too bothered about the guy. Except that as it turned out he’s not really a good person. Battery, rape, the usual things that relegate one to persona non diserata in my book. 

I tend to not be able to separate the person from their art. It’s why I won’t listen to Wagner, won’t even read some authors, and most certainly won’t watch any movies by the international pedophile whose beautiful wife was killed by the Manson family in 1969. See what I did there? I gave out information stating my opinion of a certain person I have zero respect for without resirtung to insults. 

Not so a government spokesperson – though whom are we really kidding here, there are no women in high ranking positions in this government – so spokesman. I don’t think much of the source either other than it’s as pretentious and full of itself as they come, so won’t cite it here and won’t read it thoroughly either. The important thing here is m, that someone in a high ranking government position referred to a singer his party booked as a “fat . . .” and you can imagine the rest. The N-word is used pretty liberally in these parts. People see nothing wrong with it. 

It’s true, Hungary doesn’t have the burden of slavery America does. It also doesn’t have the burden of colonialism France is wrestling with. To hear ardent nationalists tell the country’s story, we went East to Mongolia etc. (the territories school books wrongly tell us we are from, again according to Hungarian nationalists) and brought civilization to them. Apparently we were placed – smack, dab – in the middle of the Carpathian Basin by a race of aliens so superior even the Aryans hang their heads in shame. While I do believe in alien life (because why should we be the only life form in the universe. It’s the same kind of fallacy that supposed Europe was the only place on Earth in the Dark Ages), I’ll be the first to tell you we really don’t know what is out there, and there are a lot of interesting theories. Not to mention that this kind of national superiority thinking is merely an extension of Nazi theory. But back to the issue at hand. 

CeeLo could have been referred to as “that jerk,” “that rapist rapper,” or any number of insults. Yeah, he’s pretty hefty, so that would be an option as well. Even though I’m not a fan of insults via physical attributes. I found it hilarious when a rommmate who was much taller than I am always called me Half Pint and I’m fine with people making fun of my size, still I’d never do it to others. But why bring in the N-word. And why book the guy in the first place if you hate anyone darker than your not-so-porcelain** self? After all, you initially booked Emeli Sandé, and she’s mixed race as well (English-Zambian raised in Scotland, so effectively a Cross-Cultural Kid herself), though to you, politician of the not-so-porcelain skin, she’s probably still just black. 

*Literally after this was written, a bomb threat was phoned in. All international trains were promptly stopped for several hours and searched. Nothing was found, except that it was a hoax. 

**Hungarians definitely tan easily, finding someone with porcelain skin in the summer is almost akin to looking for a needle in a haystack, with the tiniest of magnets. 



  1. […] Recently, there was a scandal which wasn’t a scandal at all. Someone in a position of power referred to CeeLo by a racial slur, coupled with a very unkind adjective. The reason it wasn’t a scandal is that no one outside of Hungary really heard about it, and in Hungary no one cares. Mainly because to them it’s not a bad word.  […]


  2. It’s really tragic how such a despicable personality is performing and the crowd turning to watch him perform. Sometimes, I really wonder how we are losing our ethical values and of course, racism is killing our society. It’s worse than an incurable disease polluting minds.

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    • And justifying the acts. “It wasn’t like that.” “She asked for it.” The usual stuff. But in this case, they asked (for) him, someone knew what he looked like and the kind of music he did. I think he was a few countries away when they asked. But the funny (in a tragic way) thing is, they wanted Emeli Sandé. So, on the one hand they do want to show how open they are. I have friends here who are very open, who talk to you because you clicked with them, and we like people in general.

      Racism is fear taken to the extreme. Not an excuse. Sure, rejecting everything alien was protection way back when. But we moved out of caves for a reason. I could go on. But the worst thing is when one parent marries a person from another race / religion, has children, and still badmouths the other person’s race / religion to the kids. And then get mad at the kids when they’re called out.


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