Help Me Distract Myself – let’s play a game 

Alright boys and girls, help me keep my sanity while I’m waiting. Ask me anything in the comments, and I’ll answer. If anyone else wants to reply as well, go right ahead. As a form of courtesy, please answer a question before posing one, or choose one of your own. So here goes. 

What’s your best kept secret? 

Not a secret so much as no one really knows this about me, I used to live in Montana when I was seven. We made the trip from New Jersey and stayed for about three or four months. The reason no one really knows is that I forget to mention it a lot of times, and I was too young to keep in touch with the people who knew me there then. It wasn’t a huge part of my life, though I remember how beautiful the mountains looked. But it was still nice to be there. 

Over to you now. 



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