Of Megalithic Statues 

I swear that dog just walked right on by as I was taking pictures. Interesting things happen on Gellért Hill.

I put down my thoughts on one of the scariest statues I’ve ever seen in my life. And then I remembered the other ones, the one I haven’t seen live yet, and quite frankly I’m not sure I would or even should. 

And since sharing is caring, here’s my contribution to my fellow friends and bloggers, along with a little extra. Let me know what you think by all means. I especially liked the added comment on the title in No.5, so apt, so very, very apt. 

And let’s not forget the one that I really want to happen. But if I do go see it, it’ll be the bravest thing I’ll ever have done in my life. After which I’ll know that I can literally achieve anything. 



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