Greetings From the Sister Site (and the Skagen Painters)

A little bit of Skagen, a little bit further up North. And only one sea.

Meanwhile, on the sister site, we’ve been discussing some of this. Just realized I posted this well before Father’s Day. Because some of my fellow bloggers have touched on the Instagram aspect as well.




    • For me it only links to Danish, but you can either find a link to English on a somewhat decent computer, or get an idea via Google translate. But before you hit that link, imagine a place up north (but not too far), where two bodies of water meet, that has all these picturesque buildings, and gives off the illusion of an ideal. That’s Skagen in Denmark. And then imagine being a painter and trying to paint that false ideal all the time. That’s the Skagen painter / artist. I’m honestly not
      sure if Skagen is classed as a village or a town. Being from a capital city, to me it’s a village, but I’m willing to bet the people there would very much beg to
      differ. 😃

      It’s on my bucket list. One day.


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