Exhibition Update 

And now it can finally all be revealed. 🙂 And I’d like to dedicate this post to all my friends, near and far. So, for those not in Budapest, here you go. 
The theme was, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So, Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. I developed an obsession with them after hearing the quote on the West Wing, which was then my alltime favorite show. “And I looked and I beheld a pale horse. And the name that sat in him was Death. And Hell followed with him.” Nothing like hearing a good quote delivered in the most perfect way. Me, being me, I had to dig deep. And this, combined with a few life events, was the result. 

The venue is this cultural center, which has everything, chamber theater, concert hall, offices, work spaces, a bar, gallery space, workshop space, which doubles as a smaller art gallery, ping pong table. And that’s where we hang out. I say we because it’s a group exhibition, running March-June. Check Marforly Pictures on Facebook if you want to know more. It’s an amazing place, that reminds me of art school. Very relaxed. 

Our curator (who became a good friend somewhere between when we met in May and December) and I had a little confab, in which we discussed the main points. Same curator had suggested a few minutes earlier to lay out the pictures in a triptych (tbh, I was too lazy to label each and everyone, so easy way it is. Sorry, guys), to give it that feel “like being in front of an altar.” So three pictures per horseman. We ran this past the program director with the quick reassurance on the curator’s part of, “we won’t be sacrificing any goats.” Later, when we finalized everything, and told the program director, her words were, “why don’t we invite people into the room as though they were about to enter a mass.” Always nice to find a kindred spirit. 

But before that, there were my co-conspirators, two good and extremely close friends. Who were there for me in my deepest, darkest hour, picked me up, dusted me off, and – since this is somewhat of a long(er) process – are still putting me back on my feet. When you meet someone who is a total stranger, and trust that person to let them into your life, that already says a lot. But when you – without thinking – not only let your guard down but realize you’ve done so without thinking, without fear of judgment, that says a lot. Because these are the friends that will push you and then catch you when you fall. Without making any kind of deal out of it. When I was still in the beginning stages of this little plan, they gave me the emotional strength to go as deep and dark as I had to – to get this out of my system. When I mentioned the mass and music, one of them, immediately decided to record Ave Maria. When I heard it, I choked up, properly. On the one hand, because of her voice, which is beyond beautiful. On the other, because I could feel that bond of friendship. It was the perfect song, on so many levels. 

When I asked my other co-conspirator if she’d do the opening speech for me, she immediately said yes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard nicer words said about me. And even though I just gave her an outline of what the exhibition was along with the pictures, she got right into the heart of the matter. Again I could feel the bond of friendship, this balance between the two of them, their help, their love. All those times they texted, or messaged, or called me just at the right time when I had to do a task that scared me. Their children as well, being there, helping in age-appropriate ways. It would take me many more entries to even begin to convey fully what and how I feel. 

And my other co-conspirators in Finland, who helped me in various ways. One by repeatedly kicking my behind into gear about finally doing an exhibition (I only started this picture business recently), the other by knowing my plans and condoning them. And the third by giving invaluable inoyt and always cheering me on. And my friends in the U.S. and India as well, who encouraged me, spread the word via their own blog. 
And in case you were wondering, there were indeed words, an entire story of love, regret, and murder. I’ll send them to you if you want them, so just let me know. 



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